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“Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination, the more the excitement. ... " ― Sir Alfred Hitchcock

Good old Sir Alfred Hitchcock was a master of suspense and mystery. He preferred to use suspense to surprise. His movies were compelling not because of the stories but the way he tells the story which involves the audience in his film’s characters. He was very much aware that our minds constantly try to fill in the gaps when information is missing. And that our imaginations often run wild because our minds are wired to be happy and when information is missing we tend to fill in the blanks to satisfy this need to be happy. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Spies, angelic beings, mermaids, phantoms and the proverbial wolf in the forest all fascinate us. We have all of those and more. Nowadays, with social media, constant photos and blogging, we’re always up to date with everything and anything that goes on in the fashion world and there is no mystery left. “Little girls think it's necessary to put all their business on MySpace and Facebook, and I think it's a shame...I'm all about mystery.” ― Stevie Nicks Our fashionable advice to all the men and women out there -- leave some room for mystery.

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Spokane Fashion Photographer Spokane Fashion Photographer Spokane Fashion Photographer
Spokane Fashion Photographer
 Spokane Fashion Photographer Spokane Fashion Photographer